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350mg CBD Vape Cartridge by Johnny Apple CBD ($0.10/mg)

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Our new .5 ML cartridges are pre-filled with our best Pure hemp extract distillate oil to date! We've preserved the hemp plants naturally rich terpenes, which has an amazing "honey-like" flavor. Each .5 ML cartridge contains roughly 375 mg of hemp extract and available in both single form and two packs. 

Contains NO THC, VITAMIN E, PG, and VG.

*Note our Pure cartridges require a vaporizer battery pen with a standard 510 connector and an output range of 3.3v - 3.9v (most e-cig batteries with a button should work). For those using a box mod device, we recommend a wattage setting of around 4.8w - 5.7w. 

**If you are using a Johnny Apple brand battery (which we highly recommend) - we suggest turning the dial on the bottom to the lowest temperature setting, and working up from there. Upon receiving your battery, press the button 5-6 times quickly to turn on the device. 


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