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100mg Nasadol Regular Strength CBD Nasal Spray ($0.25/mg)

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What is Nasadol

Nasadol is used by more than 17,000 customers to stop anxiety and panic attacks by delivering CBD and the Limonene Terpene through the nasal lining and directly into the brain for 6-8x faster relief. 

Nasadol is a spray that includes emollients, which help maintain the nasal mucosa moisturization, keep the nasal passages open and may help inhibit stuffy, bloody noses. Nasadol features a proprietary blend including Limonene, a terpene extracted from peels of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, tangerine, etc. and other plants, which helps enhance the transfer and actions of cannabidiol. The unique formulation may also help relieve pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. It is available in three different formulations: 100mg and 200mg of CBD. The 200mg of CBD bottle comes with Limonene a nice citric scent and help elevate mood, relieve stress and enhance the fast delivery of CBD therapeutics effects.

** Please note, the 400mg has been discontinued **.

Nasadol Reviews

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is one of the several compounds extracted from a cannabis plant. It is the major non-psychoactive compound of cannabis lacking the ingredient responsible for the so-called high in users.

Who is the Manufacturer?

The product is manufactured by Nasadol. The company was founded to help people benefit from CBD. It makes use of hemp-derived compound believed to be safe and effective in treating common conditions. The manufacturer claims to be bound by the Hippocratic Oath First do no harm; focusing on people rather than profit. The product makes use of pure CBD to produce safe and high-quality hemp-derived products.

How Does Nasadol Work

Nasadol makes use of a different delivery system than other CBD products. Instead of oral absorption which is often inconsistent and slow, it is administered through the nose so CBD can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The manufacturer’s proprietary mix contains active and highly-beneficial ingredients easily transported to the brain and any other target areas. The emollients in the mist maintain patients nasal mucosa moisturization, nasal passages open, and assist in the inhibiting of stuffy, bloody noses.

Are the Ingredients Safe & Effective

The supplement contains active ingredients responsible for helping the overall naval healthy of patients:

  • Saline: This is an essential ingredient usually added to nasal spray, which helps dislodge the mucus in the sinus cavities, and hydrate the nasal passages to avoid dry mucus from piling up.
  • Organic Coconut MCT’s: This ingredient is a form of saturated fatty acid believed to help balance hormone levels.
  • CBD Isolate: This is compound extracted from the renal gland of a cannabis plant with a low level of THC.
  • Emulsifiers: Emulsifiers are molecules with two ends – water-loving and oil-loving ends, which makes it possible for oil and water to disperse smoothly in each other therefore, creating a homogenous and smooth emulsion.
  • Organic Flavors: The flavors used are non-synthetic and produced without synthetic solvents, carriers or preservatives to give it a pleasant scent.
  • Potassium Sorbate: This common chemical additive is often used as a preservative and it is odorless and tasteless.

What are the Advantages of Nasal Spray?

CBD Nasal Spray offers better absorption (about 6 – 8 times faster) than CBD Capsules products. Users only need a low dosage to experience the effects of CBD. CBD Nasal Spray provides immediate relief and can provide a sustained duration of 24 hours. Comes in two different formulations to provide relief in different ways.

What are the Disadvantages of CBD Nasal Spray?

  • Not ideal for children under 18 years of age.
  • Allergic reactions may occur.
  • Any kind of active ingredient can have different physiological impacts on different people.

Nasadol FAQs

How should you take it?

Before use, users should shake well and prime it by squirting several times till you get a fine mist coming out. Place the spray nozzle near the nostril and aim towards the ear and squirt, while sniffing the fine mist gently.

Are there precautions you should take?

To avoid complications such as sinus inflammation do not snort. Gently breathe it in through your nose.

How often can I use it?

Users can use Nasadol as required and enjoy it. However, overdoing it may be harmful and one gentle sniff in each nostril about two times a day is advisable.

Nasadol Review Final Verdict

Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray seems like an excellent choice for individuals looking for relief from discomfort or pain associated with a wide range of maladies in particular anxiety or panic attacks. The manufacturer boasts of a fast delivery system to help achieve almost immediate relief lasting for about 24 hours. The product contains CBD isolate and a proprietary blend of familiar ingredients with many health benefits. Customers can be guaranteed an effective and safe supplement, as the manufacturer is known for producing highly-beneficial hemp-derived products. However, for optimal results, users should shake well and avoid snorting the fine mist.

Is Nasadol CBD Spray Legal?

Nasadol is legal in all 50 states!


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