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.5ml Wickless Tank by the Kind Pen (Oil & Eliquid)

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You wouldn’t serve fine wine in a plastic cup. Don’t serve your premium extracts in plastic cartridges.

These vape tanks are perfect for all of your e-liquid needs, because they work with buttonless or Button 510 batteries. Brand new, each vape tank comes with rubber bottom protector and Plastic Tube. These disposable Tanks/Atomizer cartridges are the most common 510 thread, designed to fit most e-pen batteries.

  • Includes Magnetic Adapter
  • Glass/Metal Construction
  • Low resistance: 1.8 ohms
  • Compatible with all ego and 510 thread batteries
  • Rubber Bottom protector
  • Best atomizer with a great pull
  • Wickless / Ceramic Rod
  • 1.1mm holes(Perfect for thicker oils)

Replacement for the Mist tank.



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