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Break Your Own Geode (2"-5")

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geode is a kind of rock formation that happens when a pocket of air or gas is gripped and forms a cavity in sedimentary rock. A hard "crust" shapes all the way through the outside with the hollow space. Groundwaters, which in turn carry dissolved minerals in solution, leaks from the rock more than a long period of time. Result is beautiful crystal points or layers of banded crystals deposited in the hollow space, much for the wonder of the lucky one who gets to be the first ever to look inside.

The mineral wealthy solution that leaves crystals behind in the geode is a physically happening process among groundwater along with the surrounding rock. Crystal size, color and chemical composition will change and each individual geode is limited. Clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, calcite, Celestine, and chalcedony are types of some minerals you may find inside a geode. Geodes from the same location usually have the same sort of mineral crystals. Some geodes are filled in with beautiful layers of mineral crystals. These are sometimes dyed brilliant colors and cut or sliced for decorative purposes.


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