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Dowsing Board, Relationship Focused Intention by George Goodenow

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The unique "window" connects your question to the chart. Your written question, placed under the chart behind the "window" becomes part of the chart itself. This process produced a powerful method of focusing your intention to ask specific questions. The greater your desire, intention, and focus, the greater the accuracy of your answers.

EACH NEW QUESTION CREATES A NEW CHART. The subconscious, which takes information literally, is the gateway for your information. It uses the WHOLE chart as a way to communicate to your conscious mind.

This chart allows you to access the interaction, compatibility, and harmony between energy fields. Your subconscious mind "tunes in" to the energy fields between two relationships to give you ratings of "signal strength".

The charts are about 8 inches square and printed on .08 clear PVC.

Comprehensive instructions included.


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