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Marmalade Pu-Erh - Black Tea (4oz)

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If you are a Pu 'erh fan, our new Marmalade Pu-Erh is going to be your new favorite. Think old school musky flavor with a touch of sweet and very mild bitters that preserved peaches, pineapple, lemon zest and licorice root extract can bring to the table, and I think you'll agree - we hit the nail on the head with this marmalade tea.

If you're new to Pu 'erh, I recommend you start with a very pure Pu 'erh like our Bird's Nest and then try this Marmalade version so you will understand the flavor layers in each cup. This tea has an amazing aroma as well! Buy loose leaf marmalade tea with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pu-Erh adds in the digestion of fatty foods and speeds the metabolism helping tea drinkers loose weight wich makes Pu-erh tea the perfect tea after a heavy meal. Pu-Erh also helps reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels which helps prevent heart disease and cancer.

Use 1 teaspoon of Marmalade Pu-Erh to each cup of filtered or spring water at a full boil and steep for 5-8 minutes, although, steeping Pu 'Erh for longer won't stress the flavor of the tea, you could bruise the flavor of the orange preserves.


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