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Quintangled: A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny

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Enter the magical, mythical, and sometimes perilous realm of Quintangled, a visually delightful board game of strategy, chance and the mysterious element of destiny. You will embark on a heroic quest where you'll meet oracles of wisdom, helpers and hinderers, encounter perils and pitfalls and battle forces that could destroy them. Each player must enter The Abyss and also perform Heroic Feats as you prepare to journey home. Success is largely a function of strategy, opportunities presented by rolls of the die, and the elements of Fate and Magical Aid as you and your fellow players vie to win the game. Quintangled is not a game of war or world domination where conquest wins but a fun experience that is a metaphor for the universal journey of life that transcends time and culture. The game's unique two-part structure challenges players to see how choice changes everything and motives can make all the difference. Every game experience will be different as you navigate many opportunities and encounter twists of Fate that will create a different outcome each time you play. The adventure of Quintangled is the adventure of life!


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