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Stone Ground Ceremonial Matcha - Green Tea

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We now proudly offer the finest matcha tea found anywhere. California Tea House's Stone Ground Ceremonial Matcha comes from the most tender tea leaves that are then stone ground in the ancient ways started over 800 years ago. The flavor has a vegetal background that is dominated by a sweet and incredibly smooth taste that you find on other matcha offerings. A rare find for matcha tea drinkers who are looking for something special. Buy matcha tea with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Matcha has more than three times the antioxidants and catechins than average green tea.
Drinking Matcha speeds your metabolism making it great for natural and healthy weight loss.

Koicha style matcha preparation: (recommended)

Add 3 heaping chashaku scoops (or 1 level teaspoon) of match to the chawan (traditional ceremonial matcha tea serving cup). Next add approximately 40ml of hot, yet not boiling water. Filtered water is best and if you have the ability, the best temperature is 170°F. Wisk the matcha using a bamboo chasen, then drink in bold, "inhaling sips" to fully enjoy the aroma and flavor.

Usucha style matcha preparation:

Follow the directions above, but only use 1.5 heaping chashaku scoops (or 1/2 teaspoon). Usucha style will taste slightly more bitter than Koicha.


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