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White Monkey Paw - Green Tea (.5oz)

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Organic White Monkey Paw green tea, also known as Organic Bai Mao Hou, is a loose leaf green tea made from the very young leaves and bud of new season growth. It originates from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. With the pride of an Italian chef creating extra long spaghetti noodles, the tea leaves are very carefully hand picked with an artistic process to preserve the tea leaf form and then delicately steamed and dried. These perfect, prized tea leaves in our California Tea House collection resemble a monkey's paw, hence the name. Buy Organic White Monkey Paw with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Organic Green tea contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and helps fight cancer, high cholesterol and promotes weight loss.

Similar to Silver Needle white tea, the 'down' on the leaves gives the leaves a silver appearance and indicates that these leaves were plucked very early in the morning and within the first two weeks of growth. Enjoy the art of one of our finest green teas with 1 heaping teaspoon of tea to each cup of filtered or mineral water. Steep under 2-3 minutes in just under boiling water, or about 180o F


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